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Years ago, I researched an alternative to powdered seasonings with added flavor and realized there were two choices: fresh or powdered seasonings with added flavor. I was working on a meal plan on a brisk Saturday morning that called for a cup of hot tea. As I began to measure my loose herbal tea, it dawned on me what I might have been searching for was a version of dried herbs that looked like loose tea for use in cooking. I wondered how we could lend the same exceptional flavor to our recipes as loose tea does to water. I Quickly contacted our food expert in France with recipes in hand, and it wasn't long after the dream of a better choice for cooking with herbs was born! French Pantry loose herb blends are the answer to rid our kitchens of rarely used powder seasonings with added flavor.
Move over fine ground herb dust with added flavors and open the door to loose dried herbs grown and hand-mixed in France! bon COOK's French Pantry Herb Blends bring exceptional taste to the food you cook without additives and are non-GMO.
Dried herbs and spices are more concentrated and potent. Loose dried Herb blends last much longer than fresh ones the small pieces (oregano, basil, thyme, rosemary, lavender, for example). You can see each herb and notice the blend at first sight. French Pantry brings a whole new element to cooking, and you will find the combinations don't overpower your dish. Our bon COOK French Pantry Herb Blends bring out the best flavor in every recipe you create—nothing complicated or competing, a simple way to achieve good tasting food just like they do in France!
You don't have to be an expert in preparing good-tasting food!
A sprinkle of this, a dash of that is well-thought-out for you with French Pantry Herb Blends! Thoughtfully prepared and hand mixed to keep the small pieces intact, the ingredients list is impressive, listing only herbs used to make the blend with no added flavors or preservatives! A total of eight blends are upping the game on taste to leave the novice to expert cook feeling like a pro!
Herbs DE Provence - Roasted Onion and Red Pepper - Rosemary Basil Thyme –Zesty Mediterranean -
Roasted Garlic and Chive - Fresh Dill And Lemon –Herbs Parisian - Bouquet Garni

From our kitchen to yours we love bringing exceptional taste to life!


Cindy Juncaj
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Thursday, March 17, 2022 Cindy Juncaj – Partner and Founder, bon COOK
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Has the art of cooking confidence and eating well at home met the discovery of exceptional taste for you?  Are you ready to share the story and build your food IQ through ingredients sourced worldwide as they pop-up trending as everyday gourmet?

We can barely speak about covid without speaking of family dinners, eating in, and how the activity of cooking well at home has encouraged us to try new recipes, learn about ingredients and create clever ways to marry them together. People are craving a richer, more satisfying eat at home culture with a desire to increase their food IQ as the heightened awareness of the cause and effect of eating well at home has risen to a whole new level!  

We know every food has a story, and we cannot help but ask ourselves, where the food originated and what’s the story? Sitting down to eat should be an experience that builds interest and expresses knowledge around food, taste, and gathering. 

Family dinner now exists for gathering and forming a culture of great food, good taste, and cooking with ingredients that boost your flavor profile with what you taste and learn at the table. Eating in is not a trend; it is the new way to live! 
To help people discover and build their food IQ, I share with you the bon COOK, Pep Rally, which is sure to put some pep in your step! 
Pep Rally - What’s The Story? 
Did you know that pepper is the oldest spice in the world? Black Peppercorns are berries picked just before they are ripe and are usually sun-dried. Around the world, tastings are happening to discover, enjoy, and learn how to use pepper. To answer: which pepper to use, whether to use whole or ground. We've masterfully created a collection of five worldly peppers set for your tasting in our stainless-steel Pep Rally Pepper Mill. Our French Pantry Black Peppercorns are unique and bought from countries of origin. Earthly treasures are researched, tested, and chosen by our French Food Experts, who are on-trend to help us explore peppers from around the world that match our commitment to quality and pure ingredients. 
Tellicherry  - What's The Story?
Pepper originated in India and is the home of our Tellicherry pepper! It is the largest peppercorn and most flavorful of pepper, and the flavor of lemon and lime notes is apparent. When Peppers are picked and shaken out, the large peppercorns remain, and all of those remaining are Tellicherry. As the peppercorn expands, flavor evolves, and the heat dissipates. Size is the determination of this peppercorn. When the peppercorn's pinhead is 4.25 millimeters or more, Tellicherry. Tellicherry makes up only 10% of peppercorns and is rare, expensive, and most flavorful. 
Madagascar  - What's the Story?
Madagascaris an island country in Africa. It is located around 248 miles off the coast of East Africa in the Indian Ocean.  
Known for its contribution to culinary specialists worldwide, this rare wild pepper native to southern Madagascar, also known as Voatsiperifery  
(Vote-see – pear – if-ery), is most exotic and grows wild in the forest of Madagascar's humid climate. Handpicked shoots from the treetops of trees that grow up to 65 feet make this pepper rare—harvested from July to April. 
Madagascar is the only wild black peppercorn with a tail, immensely flavorful and robust. Madagascar pepper is smaller than its cousin pepper, easily recognized by its little tail, not to be confused with the larger Cubebe pepper. 
Its lively fragrance with woody notes of citrus and wildflowers makes it an ideal seasoning for grilled red meats, fish, and seafood. 
Less potent than other black pepper, it goes as well with desserts, especially strawberries and chocolate. 
Timut  - What's the Story?
Trendy and emerging from Nepal. In 2018 the BBC listed Timut as an on-trend ingredient to make condiments and give alcoholic beverages like gin and tonic an extra kick! Timut is most prevalent in Asian and Indian cooking. 
Timut Pepper has a strong smell of grapefruit and lemon dedicated to season fish, shellfish, chicken marinade or, paired in a fruit salad.  
Timut is from the Toothache Tree, Zanthoxylum (zan tho sy lum) Alatum, and extracts are used to alleviate toothaches. When ingested, the analgesic effect causes a slight numbing sensation, adding an exciting dimension to any food or beverage. With its closest relative being Szechuan Pepper, The Timut pepper has similar properties, so basically, it's not just on-trend. It's hot!  
Malabar  - What's the Story?
Harvested from India's Malabar Coast, Malabar black peppercorns have a well-rounded bold taste, which is just a bit fruity with woody notes. The brave and well-rounded fruity notes are not as sweet as the Tellicherry peppercorn pair well with most herbs and spices. It is an excellent addition to soups, stews, marinades, stocks, and sweet or savory dishes. Either grind or leave whole. The choice is all yours. 
Vietnam - What's The Story?
A look to the future! Vietnam Peppercorns are likely to take on a whole new world, around the world!  Vietnam has moved quickly and is the world's largest producer of peppercorns and the largest exporter. Cracking these peppercorns, you'll find a bit of yellow color as it releases a hint of citrus flavor. Many chefs have cracked the secret and use these peppercorns to flavor Caesar salad dressing recipes and side dishes in the main meal.  Vietnamese peppercorns make the perfect pairing to chicken, fish, fried or roasted, soups, salads, dressings, and marinade. Suitable for everyday use and mellow enough to enhance flavor with slight notes. 
Whether you eat in one night a week or every night, talking about ingredients is sure to come up in conversation around the table. Eating well at home is the discovery of taste that builds a culture to create your story. So, what's your story?

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Thursday, March 10, 2022 Cindy Juncaj – Partner and Founder, bon COOK
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Pass The Salt, Please!
We believe the best salt in the world is found in Brittany along the Atlantic coastline and is one of France's best-kept secrets. Anyone who has visited this area has certainly been exposed to the taste and wonder of the salt marshes, and we make it possible for you to have this same experience bringing the best salt of the world to you! With the rush of gourmet finds available in every market, consumers are savvier than ever and crave knowledge about ingredients, where they are sourced, what the history is, and why they should buy one instead of another. Today I share our discovery of Fleur de Sel de Guerande, the salt at the base of our bon COOK, French Pantry Gourmet salt Blends.

Sel Gris - The Base Of All bon COOK French Pantry Salt Blends!

The salt from Guerande is famous since it tastes like none other. The pure taste and quality left us knowing we must have this salt in our French Pantry selection. Nowhere else in the world does the salt have the same flavor, subtle and delicate crystals of Fleur de Sel de Guerande. What makes this salt so unique? Harvested by hand and raked from salty ocean water and guided through 10 winding waterways floating down narrow channels and into the marshes and then raked by specialists. French Pantry Sel Gris (French Grey Salt (Fleur de Sel de Guerande) is a highly prized salt. Salt harvesting in this region dates back to 868. Each marsh can yield about 1 kilo (2.2 pounds) of salt per day. The salt is Grey due to the way it is collected in. The French Grey, in particular, is vigorously raked below the service of the water with a wooden tool. Its grey color comes from the dense clay lining the marshes, where it gets the unique flavor and high magnesium content. We cannot begin to name how to use this salt because it is simple. Use it every day on everything, and taste that goodness.

Lavender - A Welcome Surprise!

At first, I was met with skepticism when I imagined the taste of Lavender Salt on my roasted veggies or chicken though even just hearing the word lavender leaves us swooning! I knew this experiment would be unique, although I did not realize how surprising and lovely the taste would be. A salt with that adds a five-star sprinkle every time it's used. Ingredients of Provence abound in our French Lavender salt. The most popular, Herbs de Provence (rosemary, basil, thyme, and Summer Savoy), Lavender, and edible Purple Cornflower, is grown in Europe in porous, nutrient-rich soils. Sprinkle on roasted root vegetables, roasted potatoes, or use as a chicken rub to bring your cooking and tasting experience to a whole new level. 

Black Truffle - The Taste People Crave!

With harvest between November 1 and March 15, France's Truffles are world-renowned, and of the 50 metric tons the country produces annually, France is the largest truffle producer. 
The Black Winter Truffle has a wild following with its earthly and subtle aroma, and we understand why! We are pleased to present this specialty Black Truffle Salt to you made with the Tuber Brumale Black Winter Truffle breaks considered the most fragrant and delicious of all Truffles.
Lastly, did you say Truffle? Satisfying the craving and requests for Truffle Salt is done with a perfect combination of black winter truffle accompanied by our Sel Gris, French Grey Salt (Fleur de Sel de Guerande), Tuber Brumale Vitt. or Brumble. 
(pronounced broo-MAHL) is also known as "Périgord Truffle" or "The Black Diamond of Provence." 

Whether you are a novice or an expert educating yourself on ingredients, the path to creating the best taste in every meal you make comes to life using top ingredients. Find more with our French Pantry line of gourmet for use every day and boncook.

From my bon COOK kitchen to yours,


Friday, March 4, 2022 Cindy Juncaj – Partner and Founder, bon COOK
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