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And just like that, we are envisioning the classic summer picnic with burgers and hot dogs in America. But wait, we’ve found there is so much to this condiment than meets that first bite! So why is it Americans use Mustard as one of their go-to condiments and leave it shelved when prepping meals that crave more flavor and exceptional taste?


Are you thinking of mustard as more than a condiment? Americans' most common misconception is that mustard can only be used as a condiment and not as an ingredient or an ‘enhancement’ to a dish. One of the properties of mustard is that, when used as an ingredient, it intensifies all the other ingredients and flavors. So, why not?


Depending on where people are from, they use Dijon differently. In France, it is the best kept secret ingredient bringing a boost of taste and life to recipes. Whereas the vital ingredient for creating the satisfaction of a vinaigrette is MUSTARD! We encourage all home cooks, from novice to advanced, to add Mustard to their favorite recipes. Like ours, your classics need a new life, a BOOST of pungent flavor so unique and aromatic. A touch of FRENCH PANTRY mustard is just what the chef is craving!
We share Truffle, Herbs de Provence, Bordeaux Wild Pepper, Chipolte, and Tomato Herb Mustards for your liking and imported from France. Each is a qualifying ingredient to boost flavor and leave a lasting impression to accompany a delicious tasting meal! Check for recipes, or add to your favorites for the best taste! Now Trending is our French Pantry Marinade over Pork Tenderloin.


When sampling mustard, do so in three steps:

The first step is to SMELL

What does the smell tell you? Light, heavy, mild, hot, complex, simple, sweet, or savory?

The second step is to TASTE

Taste the Mustard to experiment. What do you imagine pairing with this taste? Meat, Chicken, Fish, Eggs, Pasta, Salad, Potatoes, Marinade?

The third step is to discover the TEXTURE

Lastly, the texture also affects the use. Something with a lot of texture and seeds works well to thicken a sauce or a marinade, as we have done in our Pork Tenderloin Marinade used for meat, chicken, fish, vegetables, or potatoes. Through experiment, you will experience the nuances of flavor until they are no surprise.


People find the taste they enjoy when Mustard is adequately paired with other ingredients. No need to be the star in a recipe, just the one that brings all others together to intensify flavor with a pleasing taste for everyone!


Cooking brings about the adventure of tasting, with no rules for a limitless playground of pairings for taste suited to build on your imagination and creativity, resulting in a satisfied and mature palate. We believe one good taste deserves another, and through the marriage of quality ingredients, you will enjoy not good but exceptional taste in every meal. Try something new, share tastings and pairings with friends, and enjoy every meal you create!

Good food and great taste belong at home!

From our bon COOK kitchen to yours, 


Wednesday, April 27, 2022 Cindy Juncaj
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Years ago, I researched an alternative to powdered seasonings with added flavor and realized there were two choices: fresh or powdered seasonings with added flavor. I was working on a meal plan on a brisk Saturday morning that called for a cup of hot tea. As I began to measure my loose herbal tea, it dawned on me what I might have been searching for was a version of dried herbs that looked like loose tea for use in cooking. I wondered how we could lend the same exceptional flavor to our recipes as loose tea does to water. I Quickly contacted our food expert in France with recipes in hand, and it wasn't long after the dream of a better choice for cooking with herbs was born! French Pantry loose herb blends are the answer to rid our kitchens of rarely used powder seasonings with added flavor.
Move over fine ground herb dust with added flavors and open the door to loose dried herbs grown and hand-mixed in France! bon COOK's French Pantry Herb Blends bring exceptional taste to the food you cook without additives and are non-GMO.
Dried herbs and spices are more concentrated and potent. Loose dried Herb blends last much longer than fresh ones the small pieces (oregano, basil, thyme, rosemary, lavender, for example). You can see each herb and notice the blend at first sight. French Pantry brings a whole new element to cooking, and you will find the combinations don't overpower your dish. Our bon COOK French Pantry Herb Blends bring out the best flavor in every recipe you create—nothing complicated or competing, a simple way to achieve good tasting food just like they do in France!
You don't have to be an expert in preparing good-tasting food!
A sprinkle of this, a dash of that is well-thought-out for you with French Pantry Herb Blends! Thoughtfully prepared and hand mixed to keep the small pieces intact, the ingredients list is impressive, listing only herbs used to make the blend with no added flavors or preservatives! A total of eight blends are upping the game on taste to leave the novice to expert cook feeling like a pro!
Herbs DE Provence - Roasted Onion and Red Pepper - Rosemary Basil Thyme –Zesty Mediterranean -
Roasted Garlic and Chive - Fresh Dill And Lemon –Herbs Parisian - Bouquet Garni

From our kitchen to yours we love bringing exceptional taste to life!


Cindy Juncaj
CEO & Partner,
Thursday, March 17, 2022 Cindy Juncaj – Partner and Founder, bon COOK
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For the love of taste and the passion for great food
Do you remember when people heard the word gourmet and ran the other way? Or, when you had to drive thirty miles to find a gourmet shop? Those days are OVER!
Gourmet is no longer a small niche and following. Gourmet is a global enterprise—one of the most notable conversations around food. The interest in gourmet food is at an all-time high internationally and here in the US.

Bon COOK is about creating a gourmet boutique right at home in your Pantry. No need to spend a day in one market after the other! We have done the work for you and curated the best from France. We understand the demand placed on you to find the suitable components of sauces, condiments, herbs, oils, and blends vital to cooking for experiencing the perfect marriage of ingredients and enhancing the overall cooking experience.
Today, we find gourmet corners in farmers' markets stocked with traditional and non-traditional gourmet ingredients. The norm has shifted, and even the largest and most commercial supermarkets house not one but several gourmet stations and sections at every turn. Even with this exposure, we have found that most shoppers are unsure of flavor combinations and how to marry flavors to achieve the best taste.
When we speak of gourmet ingredients, we discover that it is no longer an unusual request in everyday cooking, nor is it an occasional ingredient stop very few people make. The new gourmet is every day! Gourmet is the conversation of the times. The twenty-something food enthusiast has us all jumping for gourmet ingredients with a raised level of awareness and the introduction of new foods! The statistics of gourmet shoppers have a significant growth alongside this new learning curve. They are shedding light on why people are always talking, photographing, taste testing, and enjoying new profiles of ingredients and tastes.
An article I read by A. Elizabeth Sloan titled Demographic Disruptors in July 2019 is fascinating and explains the shift perfectly. While older Gen Zers aged 18–24—the first generation of foodie parents—had the highest proportion of specialty/gourmet food buyers last year, the older demographic subsets are keeping pace. In 2018, 67% of Millennials bought gourmet foods, 65% of Gen X, and 60% of Boomers (SFA 2018).
People are increasing their level of awareness around ingredients and are trying new ways to improve quality and overall taste.

It is the kitchen ability and knowledge that people are craving to increase their success in cooking. With a desire to learn, build their knowledge and elevate their everyday experience around taste, cooking has become something people want to master!
Everyone has experienced a new world at home. In it, the aspiration to gather, discover new tastes, and enjoy the company of friends has taken on a whole new meaning.

Gourmet is delicate with fine ingredients curated to satisfy the expectation of challenging the palette without being complicated or extravagant.
Making a conscious effort of not masking one flavor by another, a simple way of enhancing flavor not overwhelming the taste buds. A simple form, an enhancement that brings out the best in every bite!
Gourmet is no longer trendy. It is trending! A new way of life, a bon life!
To use simple ingredients and create extraordinary taste, one must explore how to bring each element together for excellent tasting food.
I believe that challenging the palette is about alluring and romancing to define a taste like none other. For me, the ultimate gourmet experience is one you cannot stop reminiscing about, much like a great love, never forgotten.
Now, may I ask, what is gourmet to you?
French Pantry inspires every cook and entices the palate at every bite. To explore quality ingredients imported from France, visit bon COOK at
Cindy Juncaj
CEO /Partner
bon COOK
Thursday, November 18, 2021 Cindy Juncaj – Partner and Founder, bon COOK
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No need to drink alone!                         Your friends are dying to snag an invite to your  Simple French Inspired Dinner Party!
Photo Credit Lindrik
French Inspired Dinner Party
What is it that sets a French Dinner Party at the top of many wish lists? Immediately you may believe it would be the food, though not necessarily so. Because no two dinner parties are alike, the experience speaks for itself! So, would you like to create your very own French-inspired dinner party this holiday season? With a few tips and a simple plan, you'll share the words bon Appetit!

  1. Choose a menu that allows you to prepare before your guests arrive
  2. Shop farm to table no trend; it is a way of life, simple and chic
  3. A chic table is a scape that exemplifies effortless beauty
  4. Use fresh flowers from your garden if unavailable, choose from your local florist or market, make your bouquet small, and put it together using what you have at home, whether it's a bottle or container, make it simple, and it becomes chic!
  5. A favorite is to start with table linen (I prefer white). Easy to clean.
  6. Add anything as your POC (Pop of Color), napkin, flowers, a ribbon down the center of the table. Keep it simple!
  7. The best dinner party consists of 10 to 12 guests and, most importantly, choose people from different groups of friends and different walks of life, this keeps the interest high and the conversation rich.
  8.  A French dinner party guests are people from different professions, ages, and interests. This mix keeps the party exciting and full of new conversations and experiences.
  1. What is(Aperitif)? - A French aperitif contains small bites accompanied almost always by Champagne. An Aperitif teases the senses to ready guests for the main course, which means not moving from hungry to full!
  2. Keep your guests hungry! Don't overdo the small bites. Less is more! One mistake made is preparing too much, because guests will eat what you serve, and if it is too much, they won't enjoy the fantastic simple meal you've prepared.
Kir Royale is a traditional French favorite, made with Champagne or sparkling white wine mixed with Crème de Cassis. Another French Favorite is the Apero Spritz, a mix of Apero, Perrier and, Champagne.

What to Serve:
  1. Your French Inspired main course is simple and good, never fussy, and you always serve wine and water with dinner. Not a time to over impress with a one-of-a-kind bottle of wine. Choose red and white wines that are good everyday wines that compliment your meal.
  2.  Prepare as much as possible beforehand, not a time for new recipes. Do what you know well.
  3.  Choose a dessert that is your signature. Homemade is best, and store-bought is acceptable.
  1.  Greet everyone with a smile! A pleasant greeting sets the tone for the evening. Overwhelmed, Please don't show it; you are the host and must enjoy the time with friends to set the tone, so all guests enjoy the dinner party!
  2. As people arrive, don't wait for the latecomers to serve the small bites and Champagne; start immediately with your very first guest.
  3. Play relaxing music, I suggest a "French Cooking" Playlist.
  4. Focus on enjoying your guest and keeping the conversation going
  5.  Be the host everyone connects with and enjoy the dinner party because you are not overwhelmed in the kitchen.
Don't overthink or underestimate yourself: 
You can hold an inspiring dinner party and create an experience like none other because it is you, simply Chic YOU!

bon COOK would love to hear from you, comment on your dinner party, or share your love of cooking where it counts, at your table where you cook to gather and gather to cook!
Cheers to your success!

Cindy Juncaj
Partner, bon COOK

Thursday, November 11, 2021 Cindy Juncaj – Partner and Founder, bon COOK
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