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Introducing our miracle mat, a bon COOK exclusive and très chic with sleek white borders. Made from our founding innovative blend of silicone and woven glass, this mat – in every way, shape and form – brings premium quality cooking to the kitchen. Very versatile and instantly coveted, whether you’re
a professional chef or an everyday cook. Bonmat will completely elevate your cooking game. This next-level wonder can be used to make everything from divine roasted vegetables to steal-worthy chocolate chip cookies. Ditch the oils. Skip the sprays. Enjoy healthier, more simplified cooking. Bonmat can take the heat – and is designed to withstand temperatures up to 480°F. Tuck away flat or rolled for space-saving, tidy storage. Shop the bon sizes, each designed to pair perfectly with our Perforated Baking Sheets 2 YEAR WARRANTY



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Leslie BurnettPORT ORCHARD, WA - 5 Stars
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Must have!

September 26,2018
This simple little bonMAT is a must have! Keep it in the microwave to reheat foods and keep your microwave splatter free! Use it with a mold to steam veggies, make popcorn, steam rice, defrost meat. Place it on a perforated tray to make a single serving meal or nachos- cheese slides right off! I have three of these in my kitchen!
Teresa FewelCAMAS, WA - 5 Stars
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LOVE this product!!!

September 28,2017
LOVE this product!!!

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bon COOK is the essence of the kitchen, born to influence and inspire meaningful cooking experiences at home and within our communities.


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