Navigating the World of Gluten-Free Cheeses

A Comprehensive Gluten-Free Cheese Guide


We understand navigating the gluten-free world can be challenging and we are on a quest to make easier with our Gluten-Free Cheese Guide! Whether due to celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, or simply a lifestyle choice, the challenges are real. Cheese, a staple in many diets and cuisines, can be tricky because while most natural cheeses are inherently gluten-free, risks arise with processed cheeses and additives. This guide aims to demystify gluten-free cheese options, spotlighting brands that ensure a safe and delightful eating experience.

Most natural cheeses are gluten-free and safe for individuals with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. Cheddar, Parmesan, Gouda, Brie, and blue cheese are typically made from milk, salt, enzymes, and bacteria, none containing gluten. However, it’s essential to be cautious with processed cheeses and cheese products, as they may contain additives or flavorings that include gluten.

Understanding Gluten in Cheese:
Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye. Most natural cheeses are made from milk, salt, rennet, and bacteria; none contain gluten, however, because additives used in processed cheeses or blue cheeses made with bread mold could pose a risk.

Cheeses to Avoid:
Processed Cheese Slices and Spreads: So often, these have gluten as an additive.
Beer Cheese: Given that many beers contain gluten, any cheese with an ingredient of beer could be a risk.
Blue Cheeses: Some blue cheeses are made using bread mold, though many are safe. Exercise caution or look for those certified gluten-free cheeses and foods like these listed on Sure Foods Living website: Guides (

Cheese with Additives: 

Be wary of flavored cheeses, which may have gluten in mix-ins, such as crackers or sauces. Let’s look at what we believe to be the top gluten-free cheese brands.

Top Gluten-Free Cheese Brands:

1. Cypress Grove: Their entire line, including the much-loved Humboldt Fog, is gluten-free. We’re impressed, and we must spill the cheese on the Cypress brand: Cypress Grove Goat Cheese | Nationwide Shipping (

2. Cabot Creamery: Offers a wide array of cheddar cheeses known for their gluten-free safety. Fans of Cheddar discover the difference with the rich history of the Cabot brand here: Cabot Creamery: Cheese & Dairy Products from Vermont

3. Vermont Creamery: Specializes in artisanal goat cheeses, all of which are gluten-free. Vermont Creamery. We’ve learned that all goat cheeses are not created equal; you might agree after tasting the goat cheese from Vermont Creamery. People are going crazy for this creamy Vermont butter. Take a look here: Vermont Creamery

4. BelGioioso: This brand is appreciated for its extensive range of Italian cheeses, certified as gluten-free. BelGioioso Cheese – Quality Never Stops, and the selections are marvelous! To see more, visit the BelGioioso website here: BelGioioso Cheese – Quality Never Stops

5. Sargento: Known for their natural cheese products that are also gluten-free. To learn more, visit Sargento here: Home of Real, Natural Cheese | Sargento

6. Boar’s Head: Recognized for making all of their deli meats and cheeses gluten-free and available at most deli counters. To learn more, check Boar’s Head out here: Premium Deli | Meats | Cheeses | Recipes | Ingredients | Boar’s Head (

Make the best choice for you:

Selecting Safe Gluten-Free Cheeses:
When choosing gluten-free cheeses, always read labels carefully to ensure they meet safety standards. Look for cheeses labeled as gluten-free, and be cautious of potential cross-contamination, especially in delis or restaurants.

Enjoying cheese on a gluten-free diet is entirely possible with caution and knowledge. By choosing whole, unprocessed cheeses from trusted brands, staying vigilant about reading labels, and understanding potential sources of gluten, you can indulge in your cheese favorites without worry. No more searching is needed, and your gluten-free charcuterie board will be a breeze to put together because this comprehensive list with helpful links will always be at your fingertips. Now that you have met the brands, feel free to enjoy more cheese tips here in our blog about cheese and charcuterie: Say cheese! bon COOK home cooking bonCOOK

Remember, when in doubt, contact the manufacturer directly to inquire about their gluten management practices, ensuring your selection is truly gluten-free.

Understanding the perils of gluten-free living takes patience and perseverance, and the more one knows about ingredients, the better choices one can make.

Happy cheese hunting and best of luck as you pair gluten-free cheeses with your favorite recipes, you’ll feel like a pro in no time at all! Get ready to have some fun with every food experience as you begin to love your gluten-free choices as you cook well at home with family and friends. Join us on our path to successfully helping others find solutions in their gluten free world by sharing this Gluten-Free Cheese Guide from our blog.

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