Can we lend the same exceptional flavor to recipes as loose-leaf tea does to water?

Can We Lend The Same Exceptional Flavor To Recipes As Loose Leaf Tea Does To Water 01

Years ago, I researched an alternative to powdered seasonings with added flavor and realized there were two choices: fresh or powdered seasonings with added flavor. I was working on a meal plan on a brisk Saturday morning that called for a cup of hot tea. As I began to measure my loose herbal tea, it dawned on me what I might have been searching for was a version of dried herbs that looked like loose tea for use in cooking. I wondered how we could lend the same exceptional flavor to our recipes as loose tea does to water. I Quickly contacted our food expert in France with recipes in hand, and it wasn’t long after the dream of a better choice for cooking with herbs was born! French Pantry loose herb blends are the answer to rid our kitchens of rarely used powder seasonings with added flavor.

Move over fine ground herb dust with added flavors and open the door to loose dried herbs grown and hand-mixed in France! bon COOK’s French Pantry Herb Blends bring exceptional taste to the food you cook without additives and are non-GMO.


Dried herbs and spices are more concentrated and potent. Loose dried Herb blends last much longer than fresh ones the small pieces (oregano, basil, thyme, rosemary, lavender, for example). You can see each herb and notice the blend at first sight. French Pantry brings a whole new element to cooking, and you will find the combinations don’t overpower your dish. Our bon COOK French Pantry Herb Blends bring out the best flavor in every recipe you create—nothing complicated or competing, a simple way to achieve good tasting food just like they do in France!

You don’t have to be an expert in preparing good-tasting food!

A sprinkle of this, a dash of that is well-thought-out for you with French Pantry Herb Blends! Thoughtfully prepared and hand mixed to keep the small pieces intact, the ingredients list is impressive, listing only herbs used to make the blend with no added flavors or preservatives! A total of eight blends are upping the game on taste to leave the novice to expert cook feeling like a pro!

Herbs DE Provence – Roasted Onion and Red Pepper – Rosemary Basil Thyme –Zesty Mediterranean –
Roasted Garlic and Chive – Fresh Dill And Lemon –Herbs Parisian – Bouquet Garni

From our kitchen to yours we love bringing exceptional taste to life!


Cindy Juncaj
CEO & Partner,

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