What is gourmet?

For the love of taste and the passion for great food

Do you remember when people heard the word gourmet and ran the other way? Or, when you had to drive thirty miles to find a gourmet shop? Those days are OVER!
Gourmet is no longer a small niche and following. Gourmet is a global enterprise—one of the most notable conversations around food. The interest in gourmet food is at an all-time high internationally and here in the US.

Bon COOK is about creating a gourmet boutique right at home in your Pantry. No need to spend a day in one market after the other! We have done the work for you and curated the best from France. We understand the demand placed on you to find the suitable components of sauces, condiments, herbs, oils, and blends vital to cooking for experiencing the perfect marriage of ingredients and enhancing the overall cooking experience.
Today, we find gourmet corners in farmers’ markets stocked with traditional and non-traditional gourmet ingredients. The norm has shifted, and even the largest and most commercial supermarkets house not one but several gourmet stations and sections at every turn. Even with this exposure, we have found that most shoppers are unsure of flavor combinations and how to marry flavors to achieve the best taste.
When we speak of gourmet ingredients, we discover that it is no longer an unusual request in everyday cooking, nor is it an occasional ingredient stop very few people make. The new gourmet is every day! Gourmet is the conversation of the times. The twenty-something food enthusiast has us all jumping for gourmet ingredients with a raised level of awareness and the introduction of new foods! The statistics of gourmet shoppers have a significant growth alongside this new learning curve. They are shedding light on why people are always talking, photographing, taste testing, and enjoying new profiles of ingredients and tastes.
An article I read by A. Elizabeth Sloan titled Demographic Disruptors in IFT.org July 2019 is fascinating and explains the shift perfectly. While older Gen Zers aged 18–24—the first generation of foodie parents—had the highest proportion of specialty/gourmet food buyers last year, the older demographic subsets are keeping pace. In 2018, 67% of Millennials bought gourmet foods, 65% of Gen X, and 60% of Boomers (SFA 2018).
People are increasing their level of awareness around ingredients and are trying new ways to improve quality and overall taste.

It is the kitchen ability and knowledge that people are craving to increase their success in cooking. With a desire to learn, build their knowledge and elevate their everyday experience around taste, cooking has become something people want to master!
Everyone has experienced a new world at home. In it, the aspiration to gather, discover new tastes, and enjoy the company of friends has taken on a whole new meaning.

Gourmet is delicate with fine ingredients curated to satisfy the expectation of challenging the palette without being complicated or extravagant.
Making a conscious effort of not masking one flavor by another, a simple way of enhancing flavor not overwhelming the taste buds. A simple form, an enhancement that brings out the best in every bite!
Gourmet is no longer trendy. It is trending! A new way of life, a bon life!
To use simple ingredients and create extraordinary taste, one must explore how to bring each element together for excellent tasting food.
I believe that challenging the palette is about alluring and romancing to define a taste like none other. For me, the ultimate gourmet experience is one you cannot stop reminiscing about, much like a great love, never forgotten.
Now, may I ask, what is gourmet to you?
French Pantry inspires every cook and entices the palate at every bite. To explore quality ingredients imported from France, visit bon COOK at www.boncook.com
Cindy Juncaj
CEO /Partner

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