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With a contemporary recipe to bring people together through cooking and food, our Chairman, Patrice Jacquelin, and bon COOK’s CEO and Partner, Cindy Juncaj, created the partnership we know today as bon COOK! With over 75% of our product line imported from France, the collaboration of bon COOK’s US business partnership is one to admire. With the love of cooking and the determination to succeed in the US market, we set out to lead people to gain cooking confidence by sharing cooking classes through our social selling platform and in the best place to connect at home, the kitchen!


Our commitment to quality and the highest standards started with the molds that break the mold. We began with a sampling from the professional-grade collection, born in France, that transforms cooking into the art of creating in both professional and home kitchens around the world. As we build our bon COOK product families, rigorous testing and quality materials allow us to meet the expectations of our consultants who sell our bon COOK products and our customers who use and enjoy them.


We bring excellence to the table. From ensuring the best ingredients to our belief in the power of connecting through food, the French ideology underscores our use of authentic European-inspired elements sourced from the local land to achieve clarity and purity of flavor. What started with the world’s best bakeware has evolved by adding the world’s best consumables for your pantry and everyday cooking success.


Postcard from Paris. Our top-performing bon COOK Consultants have traveled to the City of Lights, the first of many annual incentive trips designed to unite and reward high achievers who meet or exceed their business goals.


The French Factor. Architecture. Culture. Food and Countryside. With our cooking philosophy deeply rooted in our French heritage, we have an unwavering commitment to excellence for each product we bring to the table.


Family is everything. Authenticity for Cindy Juncaj means that she and her family live the core values of bon COOK – whether on a family vacation or around the table, gathering and cooking are at the center of the family.


Simplicity is the new gourmet, and we’re making the tradition of cooking meals at home practical and simple in modern times. With online tools and resources, alongside customizable cooking classes, we invite everyone to help themselves to what we offer. Our bon COOK Consultants are well versed in the kitchen and will help you cook with our outstanding families of products so you can make an educated choice of what fits your lifestyle with a personal meeting online or off.


Great minds think alike. Entrepreneurs and business partners Patrice Jacquelin and Cindy Juncaj combine their knowledge and skills to realize their global desire to make cooking easier and healthier. With a shared vision to build the best entrepreneurial business for people, the partners created a platform to actively bring people back around the table while offering highly innovative cooking tools designed to simplify life in the kitchen.


bon COOK is not just a cooking business. It is a business of respect for the relationships we create through our cooking and business-building partnership of our bon COOK consultants, those who host cooking classes, and all customers.


There’s a chair for you as a bon COOK Consultant at our table. Visit us in-person or online and get a taste of what’s stirring. No matter your skill level, connect with us today and be on your way to becoming a bon COOK!

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