What’s your evoo iq?

With the explosion of gourmet ingredients in markets today, many copycat products of lesser quality are finding their way into shopping carts, even though consumers are savvier today than in the past. When the conversation around ingredients encounters debate, people want to be in the know! We’ve found consumers are searching for quality and are willing to take the time to educate themselves about the food they buy, where to find the best ingredients, where the food is sourced from, and how it is made.
We believe top quality comes from small batches of food made to maintain the integrity of the ingredients and finish with a rare and elevated taste.

One of our favorites is our EVOO imported from Provence in the South of France.
French olive oil is rare, and France produces only 5000 tons of olive oil per year. Compared to the rest of Europe, this is only 10% of the annual olive oil production. The warm climate offers perfect conditions to make the very best EVOO in Provence. Typically harvested in autumn using a cold-pressed technique, our olive oil is the first pressed and produces a high-quality grade with only 1% acidity. This olive oil is good tasting on its own, but it also pairs beautifully with our salts and peppers alongside a French Baguette. We can’t help but boast and know that it must be pure for anything to be exquisite.

In Provence, the French use the country’s varied olive oils. Used in sautéing foods, marinades, added to salads, sauces, dips, and as a finishing oil to add that unique and exquisite taste to any meal.

The bon COOK Pure 100% French Extra Virgin Olive Oil is unfiltered with superior taste and is showcased in a recognizable French couture bottle to share a little piece of France with you!
Introduced in our French Pantry line of food from France in 2021, we are proud to share this rare, fine-tasting EVOO that is certain to up the game on EVOO IQ with its light and satisfying flavor profile; like a good wine, it is not easily forgotten! With various uses, one of our favorite ways to enjoy this EVOO is with a homemade French Vinaigrette that we must share with you!
Bon COOK French Vinaigrette

Whisk all ingredients together and toss in a salad.

  • One half Cup French Pantry EVOO
  • One tsp of French Pantry Tomato Mustard
  • Three  tbsp of French Pantry Traditional Balsamic
  • Juice from one fourth lemon wedge squeezed
  • One fourth tsp Honey
  • Salt and Pepper to taste

From our bon Kitchen to yours,

Enjoy the life of a bon COOK!

Cindy Juncaj

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